Work from Home Legal Research Jobs

2 years of administrative or clerk experience in a legal or contractual department of business required. The main working time can be done in the office or remotely after the training and usually follows the guidelines of the residential department. Under Dr. Lesciotto`s supervision, the research associate will conduct legal and bibliometric research, find claims in federal and state courts, and find claims. Learn and grow from your mistakes. Able to work West Coast opening hours. Conduct interviews in a quiet and professional home office environment. 40 hours per working week (or your country`s standard). The ideal candidate is an autonomous, collaborative and agile team member with experience in managing them.

The practice of our national IP applicants requires a California paralegal with a special focus on the experience of the Los Angeles County Superior Court – I am looking for a responsible person in OMAN, MUSCAT to help with the paperwork. It`s a day job. Due to government regulations, Roth contributions are automatically deducted from your paycheck after taxes are paid, reducing the net payment dollar for dollar. I`m trying to rent commercial space, but I need help filling out the conditional approval with paperwork. Legal Counsel The candidate reduced. External advice and management of legal settlement. Evaluate and coordinate. Answers to legal questions, including, but not limited to. Subpoenas, contracts and other legal matters as they arise. Documents, leases and other legal documents as required.

Developed. Research and clear description of complex legal issues and analyses… Need someone who knows how to research and write legal documents. It will be a prose trial against unconstitutional laws. Develop reports and conduct research for supervisors to support prosecutions. May receive instructions from more than one supervisor. Senior Legal Counsel The candidate becomes. a wide range of legal issues, including company law, securities,. Develop internal processes for legal project management and between teams. Coordination. Risk-weighted legal advice to management. and dispute resolution.

Conduct legal research on regulatory issues. Legal. Customers who have a UCC repository need it to be searched for by Research. For clients who require a credit expense agreement, we will work with exceptionally strong writing, research and analytical skills. will be primarily responsible for drafting comprehensive complaints and briefs in various trial and appellate jurisdictions, play a significant role in cases, and conduct critical legal research on new state of the art. and… Successful applicants must be authorized to work in the United States. Ability to search and find information online and through other sources. We would like to know when the Value Added Tax – Title 8 – Article 44-B – 1699 and 1669 (attached) was passed, and (especially) the Senate Bill (â¦.

I am currently in litigation with a former employee whom we are suing for fraud and embezzlement. Due to delays in the court hearing, were unable to attend.