Who we are

Who We Are

My name is Freda Ballard the CEO of Lyfe Journey Unfolding. Lyfe Journey Unfolding or as some people like to call it LJU is an organization that is not just built on a business aspect but more of a memory aspect. Like others, growing up for me came with a lot of choices. Some of them were good and some were bad but at the end of the day, they were mine. Sometimes I would put myself into situations that weren’t the best for me. In search of love, attention that I never could find. This led me to feel empty inside. There were things and still are times that I feel that no one sees me for who I am. I experienced many years of this which brought on the depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts, and more. I lived life feeling like I was just existing with no purpose in life. Honestly, I felt like I was the only one who experienced this until one day in 2019 on a cold rainy day, I looked into the eyes of a person that felt the same way if not more. You see this individual was sitting under a McDonald’s shed hoping to gain some type of shelter from the rain. Me, I just wanted to help them get something to get but I noticed that every car that was driving past him would splash water all over him as if he was nothing. As I drove up to him offer him a meal, we contented eyes. I offered him a meal and he told me that he would rather for me to help him get somewhere safe and out of the rain. At that moment I found my purpose, the love I was missing, the joy to my heart and that was to provide a safe and stable home for individuals who want a second chance at life but are overlooked. By doing so I want to restore their hearts, souls, and minds and that is why Lyfe Journey Unfolding exists.

Freda Ballard, CEO of Lyfe Journey Unfolding

Our Approach


— Our Mission

Lyfe Journey Unfolding provides homeless individuals with the skills, confidence and preparation to re integrate into society and achieve financial and housing independence.


— Our Vision

Lyfe Journey Unfolding seeks to be a catalyst for solutions addressing and solving homelessness.