What we do

What We Do

Lyfe Journey Unfolding strives to build a community of tiny homes for the homeless in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, Texas. We also volunteer for other organizations that host clothing drives, food drives, feeding programs, and other charitable works. We welcome sponsors or donors that would like to support us 

All of our efforts are geared toward improving the lives of people experiencing homelessness. We want to make them feel safe, valued, and welcomed — like they are a part of the community.

Our Programs

Homeless Support Program

The Homeless Support Program provides individualized assistance to homeless individuals to help them develop the skills, confidence, and approach to achieve independent living and re integrate into society. Individualized supports are provided by the Support Program team, and include: case management support, personal development coaching, and personal finance education (i.e. personal budgeting, building credit), and job readiness coaching (i.e. job search, resume writing, interviewing).

Information Center Program

The Lyfe Journey Unfolding Information Center provides a safe and healthy environment for homeless individuals to access support services to assist with their transition to independent living. The Center provides information resources on Medicaid and Medicare grants, self-learn resources for personal finance and job readiness, provides a temporary daycare services for individuals receiving services at the center, houses the Homeless Support Program, and provides space for volunteer support services from other organizations to be delivered (i.e. doctor and OBGYN visits).

Sponsorship Opportunity