Another by credit Suisse, revealed that the number of millionaires had gone up to 3

Another by credit Suisse, revealed that the number of millionaires had gone up to 3

“The gamechanger is that parents now are looking beyond the 3Rs to the 4Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication. They want education plus” Shashi Banerjee Principal, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

With this in mind, more parents are also sending their wards to attend summer programmes abroad to hone their skills in their chosen area. These courses, which are typically 3-4 weeks, offer expert coaching and exposure to the global standards of that activity.

Typically, each course costs Rs 2-3 lakh, with some even going up to Rs 6 lakh. Attending summer courses abroad are relatively helpful when it comes to college admissions abroad, as it demonstrates engagement at the highest level in that particular field, says Nicholas Henderson, co-founder of New Delhi-based education consultancy Essai. “If you’ve done soccer for four years in India and two international summer programmes, that simply demonstrates the depth of your interest in soccer, for instance. ”

This is more of a reflection of the vacuum in the Indian education system, which focuses disproportionately on academics at the cost of opportunities in sports and fields like the performing arts. “In India, it’s very difficult to demonstrate your talent and passion for a subject that’s not related to science, debating, or a handful of other academic specialisations.

Universities want to see kids who demonstrate a consistent and coherent passion for their field

So some students find it beneficial to pursue these opportunities overseas during their summer breaks,” Henderson adds. Internationally-affiliated programmes help, too. “Learning ballet has definitely carried weightage in the applications of our students who have gone abroad.

We often help them make audition videos,” says Devang Bhanushali, executive director of the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet in Bengaluru, affiliated to the UK’s Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

Some schools have responded to the trend by offering a number of activities. TISB, for instance, offers 45 activities on campus. “There is a lot of demand, so we supply it,” says Potts.

Today’s parents want “educationplus”, agrees Shashi Banerjee, principal, Shiv Nadar School, Noida. “There is an aspiration to get education in its finest form. Beyond the 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), parents look for the 4Cs – critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.”

Students are opting for summer coaching classes in sports like football, tennis and golf, or humanities-related activities such as filmmaking, theatre, creative writing and sculpture, usually in the US or the UK

“Parents want to give their child a more fulfilling and enriching experience, help them learn everything they possibly can. Arkansas direct lender installment loans They feel a child’s time can be spent more fruitfully rather than just at home with the help” Rekha Krishnan Head of senior school, Vasant Valley, New Delhi Driving this trend is the increasing purchasing power that comes with the expansion of the middle and wealthy classes. A report by Boston Consulting Group released earlier this year pointed out that between 2008 and 2018, the number of hoseholds earning abobe Rs 20 lakh had tripled to 9 million. 4 lakh, in 2000.

At the heart of his parents’ desire to give their children, the chancwes they never had, in the hope they can live the life they can aspire to.

“Every generation moves ahead. trying to give our children the opportunities we think might help them grow says Mahadevan.” Football Frenzy The growing interest in football in India, fuelled by the popularity of the premier leagues, is in turn nurturing another trend: Indian youngsters heading to Europe to train at elite football academies there. These could be year-long courses, which cost between Rs 25 lakh andRs 30 lakh, or shorter summer courses, to get a taste of what’s on offer.

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